Model of a (HUMAN) FINALY!

So i after 2 models i decide to make a human from scratch. I used myself (yes i sorta look like that just smaller abs -.-) as reference. This is still a work in progress and next time you see him he should be in a animation movie (dunno what to have him do but I’ll think of something).

-Note- This is my 3rd model ever and I’m still working on the proportions of his body so it might look a little odd.

it’s pretty damn good for somebody who only started a month ago.

Your topology looks a bit odd on the shoulder

check out these links for some pointers

The muscles look generally well defined, but you might want to do something about that mirror modifier, it’s pretty obvious and has some artifacts.

(I’ll fix the mirro thing at the last part) I’ll merge them after i get all the details in and maybe change a side so it doesn’t look the same as the other. To tell you the truth the thing i’m worryed about is the colors and rigging… i don’t really know how to do that stuff :frowning:
P.S How did you know i started a month ago waylow? Useing the program that is. (I only started trying to model a week ago though.)

from your post count :wink:

Check out the other tutorials on the link I posted - there are some really good ones on texturing (putting colors on the model)

Also if you put your mirror modifier above the subsurf modifier it should stop the artifacts at the join
(just click the up arrow next to the the modifier to change the order)

good luck and keep blending

ahhh the shouulders the shoulders. Thats prolly one of the hardest parts of the body to model…

nick_meister: Are you sure about that? The shoulders weren’t that hard for me, it’s the hands and face that normally kill people.

true, but the face isn’t even there yet and nor are the hands, so… currently the shoulders are probably the worst part of the model… :wink:

Here’s an update picture (Belt, Shoes, head, shoulders (tried fixing them) . I’m not gonna do the face till last part or i might not even add a face and try animation. Need to get the rigging down :frowning:

It’s actually pretty nice, but I just noticed that your guy does not have a collar-bone.

You got the two tendons going across the neck fine, but feel yours, now, and feel where they both meet, right at the bottom of the neck. There’s a hard dip there, now run your hand to the left or the right, and you’ll feel two long thin bones running across to both your shoulders. This is the collar-bone, or ‘wish-bone’ that curves around to your shoulder-blades and is part of the joint for your upper arm bone.

Ya, i knew someone was gonna say something about that :o. I’m planing on fixing that soon. But i appreciate the tips.
P.S Anyone know a good place to learn rigging? (amateurs)

uhm well now that i look closer, i dont wanna be a bother or anything but your guys looks more like a square, and kind of concaving in the middle(like instead of protruding out its protruding in). I would suggest tow work more on the geometry and save as many polys as you can, i think the reason that its so bumpy is because the geometry is unclean.

I dont really have a good example of this…
Thats my wip thread of a character you can check it out, Just look through all the pages, you will notice how crappy the model is from the beginning, and then you can see exactly how i fixed it.