Model of a human head

I started working on this a while ago but set it on ice for some time. Now i continued again and i am now at a point where i think i am ready to start rigging. (this is based on fotos of my head btw (The textures too))

Or at least I think so. Let me hear what is good what is bad, what can be improved (but note that i dont want the render time to go up significantly so no sss for now)

What i really need to improve is the hair shader. right now it looks kinda weird.

Update: shape keys

Pretty good work. I know this is a work in progress so the materials are probably placeholders. The texturing looks pretty good, I would make the red ring around the eyes much closer the the rest of the shin and I would work on the eyeball shader. Also the skin looks very pale kind of like a cadaver, maybe if you add some sss when you do it’ll look less pale but I would bump up the red and green in the diffuse map.

thanks for the feedback. now that you said it, this really looked like a cadaver. I changed it and it looks way better now. Unfortunately i cant add SSS because it cant render on gpu and therefor is way too slow to render an animation

I also added a spec map to get the reflections only where i want them, adjusted the bump map and addded translucency to the hair. The Problem with the translucency is that it causes some noise. Is it worth keeping or should i go without translucency.


Decided that modelling and texturing is acceptable and continued to create a rig. Eyes can be moved, Pupils can be changed and brows can be moved up/down via shape keys. Will proceed to create some shape keys and then try to create a lattice.

now i know this is not a real face expression but it shows all the shape keys i made until now

created alot of shape keys. this is just a render so i can use it as an fb profile pic… lets see how long it takes for someone to realise that this is cg.
rendered in cycles at 300 samples. some post-pro in photoshop to reduce noise and fireflies. plus i added some kind of sss because it is currently not supportet for gpu rendering