Model of a Kitchen - My first big project as a 3D artist!

This is my first big scene project since I got into 3D modeling.

Please let me know what you think!

Here is the WIP thread:

Nice work. The render looks good.

A special thanks goes out to crazycourier for the idea behind the lighting and camera angle.

really great job! it could use a little more on the right though.

Yea, it is sorta empty over there. I would actually hate to have this kitchen, lol.

No blinds, sun in your face, no toaster, no trash can, no overhead cabinets.

It lacks, i know, but my skills are limited.

I may return to this another day, but for now I need to shift my focus to a model I’m creating for a friends history exhibit.

Hmmm, maybe a nice view of a living room could be placed there through a doorway.

It looks like the home of a depressed single guy. I like it.

Wow man, really nice work, I saw the WIP thread and see how you evolved in the render, congratulations man (;

Wow, good job. I’m sure you could put some more in the scene, but this is good enough already!