Model of Filbert Fox for Leicester City Football video

Hi everyone,

I am an animator and I am making a video where the mascot of Leicester City is doing yoga poses for a family yoga company. It is all unpaid work and I need someone who could model the mascot in a cartoon style for me to animate. You would be credited in the videos and if they get approved Leicester City football club will publish the videos. If they do I would be happy to split any profits 50/50 with whoever models the character. Just bear in mind it is unplaid unless they do purchase the video.

If you are inetersted send me a message and I can provide you with the reference material you will need.


I would like to try making the 3D model of Filbert Fox.

Actually I‘m not a pro 3d artist. I‘d work with blender as a hobby.

Please keep in mind, if you want me to do it chances are high that I don‘t meet your expectations. Still I would be happy to get the chance to do it.