Model of Male, not too many muscles :P

Ive never tried a real project of a human i mean ive done a few little ugly weird people
amd this really stupid[ATTACH]80254[/ATTACH]
butt recently i tried some real charactar modeling and this is where ive gotten o far,

the texturings not …well …it sucks right now, but i just started him a ew days ago :stuck_out_tongue: ambient occlosiun,hope i get some feed back

Update worked a little more on the veins on the body ,got the wrists down so i can start working on the hands, and extended the thighs. :slight_smile: please critique[ATTACH]80259[/ATTACH]

Hey there, good start. I would lift the armpit and shoulders up a little bit higher. The arm seem to be coming out a little low, also the biceps are too far down the arm, . Maybe narrow the waist up a bit if you are going for the fit look.


Hi! Humans can be very hard to model, believe me I know, I have tried many times failed just as many:p I would start with basic forms and when ready begin to add detail. getting the topology right is crusial, I would recommend finding and studying some finished models so you can see how you sould build your edge loops.:slight_smile: Btw I REALLY liked the first picture, reminds me of one of those Tim burtons movies!:slight_smile:

heh thanks ive done quite a few simple models…you like the first one wow :open_mouth: i cant beleive it didnt think it was to good, i might rig it

good start, but as the others said, topology. Jonathan Williamson has a lowpoly modelling video tutorial HERE, it’s a good basis to start from, and you get a good idea on topology.

ive seen that one about three rimes…i saw it a long time ago…and as a i said i have followed it many times in a number of simple models
here is a wirfrakme render [ATTACH]80325[/ATTACH]
and back

i got rid of the textures cuzi t looked to freckl-ish so heres the lateest
the abs are a ltittle bigger and im trying to get more veins in:o
the heaa dis sooo bad…its just there to be there right now its gonna get dumped soon after im done with the legs[ATTACH]80333[/ATTACH]

bump bump ok nothing guys no comments :frowning:

ok i mon the verge of giving up
please comment gys:(:o

You really need to look at more reference pictures and start simple.
You don’t need to be adding veins, you could do that once you finish a base mesh, and then sculpt in that detail, and normal map it.
I also find it easier to focus on one area at a time, textures don’t matter at this point, and are going to continue changing as you work through the project, I would just focus on modeling
His arms are way to small, and his legs look like they got squashed under a car.
Show a wireframe from the viewport, or a render where its easier to see your topology. You’ll be able to get more critique that way.

once again after countless simpe modles i decided to go advanced…well guess im ntot gonna make it …good bye gonna kill the thread

geeze, you give up rather quick
you can’t expect to have a great, detailed model after a few days
you’ve got to work at it, and you definetly can’t just give up like that

Why does the “male” organ keep getting bigger?
and don’t give up so quickly, you have a solid start,
no need to worry about the details just get the base model.

I’m pretty new but I would say you should start much simpler. Concentrate on one area at a time and really work at it. Look at pictures of that body part, lots of pictures, and see where the muscles are and how things curve, then do your best. The great thing is that if you keep at it, little by little you’re going to get better. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew right away or you’ll get frustrated and spit it out. Maybe simply concentrate on a nose, or lips or upper arm or shoulder. Then you can go from there. Just nibble at it a bit.

You’ve got a good start but things seem to be twisting a little too much. Work on smoother transitions maybe.

Keep it up!

it super high poly right now…i give up alot…thats wy ive a lot of mextra models…heh already started soemthign new tho
ill get back to this ill try really
my comp slows down sp much for serious projects tho
thanks guys

next time you start something like this. Use a reference picture… Medical ones can often be the best. First thing you should do is start with a few simple shapes. then get the arms and so forth. Once you get your basic model down try and see where you can start adding loop cuts. Heh i always start with boxes and circles when im drawing so it shouldnt be much different for this