Model of sailing ship

My most recent project. A hardwood mantelpiece model sailing ship. Rendered in Cycles, around 200 passes. Based on an actual physical model.

It looks pretty good, I like the wood texture on the base. The American flag looks a little too stiff though, unless its supposed to be like that. Nice job!

The ship and base are great. I think it would look better if you used the cloth simulator to make the sails more realistic. And the materials look like they could use some work as well. Ooh, I just saw the anchor, Very nice!


Thanks. Yeah, the original flag is basically a stiff piece of printed paper. So it is accurate to the original. That said, I might do better creating a flag that goes better with the overall style of the model, accurate or not.

Thank you. The sails on the actual model are fairly flat and stiff. But again I might do better departing from strict adherence to accuracy.
I’ll play with the materials a bit more and see if I can’t improve them, also the anchor could use a different color since, as you pointed out, it tends to disappear in the picture.

I modified the textures a bit. I also added a bump map to the sail.
Let me know what you think.

I don’t quite see what’s changed in the individual aspect but the whole image just looks better. Might want to model a shelf and add some more boats? (: And by the way, I didn’t realise that what I was saying about the anchor had the suggestion of it being invisible. However now that you mentioned it I can see what you mean. I always say that the artist is his worst critic (actually I never said that).