Model Of Ship for Evacuation Simulation Software

Since this is my first post I ought to first introduce myself.
I am Hector, a software engineering student at the University of Glasgow. I have been playing around with Blender for years, but would claim no real ability.

For a project relating to my course I along with four others are developing a 3D evacuation simulator for the Glasgow Riverside Museum. Specifically we shall be modelling the Tall Ship. Our software will then populate this with people using a monte carlo method and simulate their evacuation from the ship due to a fire. Ideally this will go so far as to include an accurate fire model and psycological representation of the population. Hope to have a basic prototype by christmas. We will then have almost three months to attempt to implement the advanced features.

Whilst the visual accuracy of the model shall not affect the functionality of our prototype, it certainly would come accross as more professional.
Hence I was wondering if any experienced artists out there would be willing to help? Although an entire model would be amazing, of particular use would be the hull.

We have full deck plans and should be recieving some cross-sectional diagrams from various points along the ship shortly. We shall also be visiting the ship with a camera next week and attempting to literally photograph everything.

So if anyone feels like helping let me know! Thanks