Model on a laptop-render with a Desktop?

Im thinking about getting a laptop to make my work portable around the house.

I was wondering, if I use my home network, how I would be able to render with my computer, and then have the image sent back to me, I’ll probably use linux for both machines, but if it will work with Vista then that would be helpful.

So is this even possible? if so, how might I go about setting it up?

sorry for this insane request, im just hoping someone, somewhere out there has found a way…

Renderfarms. Go to and you’ll find some. I can’t do it but one is called DrTorque. I think.

dont I need more than one desktop to that?

just ssh to your desktop.

what does ssh mean?

Secure Shell. You set up the server program on your desktop, and the client on your laptop. Then you can either access your computer through a gui or the commandline, depending on your preference and the program. It is probably the best way to do this.

You can do it in Windows or Linux.
In Windows, I created a network share that had all my Blender files. I then mapped the same drive letter to share so that all links referenced the same drive letter. I could then open up the same file on both computers.

Then, with Tight VNC (or any other VNC client) you can open up the desktop machine in a window on your laptop. Then, when you are done modeling, you can switch over to the VLC window and fire up Blender and start rendering the file on the desktop.

with ssh you could just upload the .blend to your desktop and use this through terminal