Model out of Image


i am very new to the Blender Software.
I’d like to know, if its possible to create a Model out of this image (see Attachment)?
If yes, can you tell me how?

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Yes, you can, but not the way I think you want to. YOU would have to model it, find some tutorials on character modeling and use this picture as a reference.

I think you are trying to find a program that you input pictures in and it gives you a model? If so, there are some the exist, but you need A LOT more pictures than just 1 and you have to get a shot of almost every angle. Plus, this software isn’t very good to use for such a detailed model.

OK thanks for the fast reply.

Unfortunately this is the only picture i have. I can’t use it as reference to create my own model.

Do you have pictures like this or know an adress to find some i could use as reference? It has to be a role playing strider picture like this. I need it for my game…

Thanks a lot


your going to need to model your own character using that pic as a reference. trying to create a game without that skill or a modeler to do it for you is going to be a challenge. at least thats my opinion.

Usually what you want is a front and side picture as a minimum. This one is tricky because he’s looking sideways and all. Hmm, you can try but if I were you, Id follow a human modeling tutorial, and from there tweak the model to make him resemble this guy. Once youre done with the actual body you can move to soft body clothing and texture.

My advice is to make your game open source (possibly develop it on Linux, using open source tools too!) so that other people will be interested in joining in and helping you. If you can do the coding (or whatever) well enough to get people’s attention, they’ll bring their own skills to it too. Also, with open source projects, you’re more likely to find compatible free models that people won’t mind you using. Otherwise, aim lower, and just do your best with the skills you have now, or are close to achieving. You can always make more advanced games later.

You could use MakeHuman for a body, and add the details yourself. Then you’d at least have a good base to start with. I’m actually downloading MakeHuman right now to see what it’s all about.

Wow, so many answers. Thats a good Forum!
I come from the programming side of making a game. I am not the designer guy.

Creating an Open Source game wasn’t my goal… yet. Perhaps later, if i have the time.
I am a professional programmer, using C# all the time. I am very interested in learning 3D programming. I thought, creating a game would be the best and most interesting way.

When i am done, creating the model, ill show it to you. Perhaps you can give me a few hints, what i can do better.

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