Model perfect spiral

hey i want to model a perfect spiral . i try modelling with curves but its not so perfect

can someone help i tried smoothing

Enable the ‘Add Curve: Extra Objects’ addon. The ‘Add > Curve’ menu will then have an assortment of new spline shapes, including spirals.

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i try that but im trying to get this look

do you know the best way how to get these spirals ?


My “trick” is to use an array modifier on a cube, with an empty as offset object.
Then, by resizing and rotating the empty, you can manage to get a nice spiral.
Finally you can tune the merge distance to finalise

Here is a gif I just made for you :

See you ++

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wow!!! thanks for the tip ill try this different method can this also give alot of swirls. meaning different swirl counts? hey thanks agian this is awesome

Tricotou presented a great method, I have another simpler method which has less control (but I personally like his better). Towards the very end of this video I describe how Tricotou’s method with arrays could possibly be improved by using vertex groups to highlight the endpoints of the segments of the spiral you create, and merging these in a “semi-manual” way as opposed to relying on the potentially very finnicky automerge present for arrays (when rotated/resized).

This livestream will likely not be live for an hour or two since YouTube has to process it, but I tried to demonstrate how you would reproduce every shape in the original image you were inspired to replicate. If this video link doesn’t work just look up my channel Util IT and search for
Beginner Help: Modelling Spirals and Other Curved Shapes

nice video bro i just seen your video thanks for the upload

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Really nice video… I am glad you shared so many techniques in just half an hour video…