model problem

When I press P to play the scene it move the model in the wrong place pleace help me here is
some picture what have happing.:spin:

                               <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/3/6/36eb6dd29a6527a1ce182cca2f457c9bbc332763.jpg" width="690" height="380"><br/>

have you tried recalculating normals outside?

I tride that but nothing is happing still looked a same.

and have you checked the IPOs? i think that the metal ending of the door are scaled down… is this two separated objects? or one mesh?

there two sepret objects that are going to work to gether.

so check the IPO of the metal parts of the door if it’s not scaled down. Something similar happened to me but with tree position it will keep resetting itself to XYZ 0,0,0, so i think in your case you have to delete the scale curve in IPO…

I look at the IPO and IPO Curve but I dont have any animation made yet. could it be because I made the door a parint to those peaces.

I found out what I did wrong, I made them children to the door, when I got rid of parint it work fine, but is there a way to make it were I can select one object and it will select all the one for the door with out messen with the texture.