Model prototype needs temporary artwork

Hello, everyone !

I’m currently experimenting with Blender and Unity3D, as I have some game ideas I’d like to implement.

Ever since I started developing games, art has always been a barrier to me. When I was working on 2D games, I always had to be limited to minimalism due to my terrible drawing skills.

Now that I’d like to play a bit with 3D, minimalism is a total no-no : I’ve got some ideas I’d love to implement.

I just modeled a robot for my current project, here it is :

So, as you can see, it’s pretty ugly for now. That would really help me if an artist dedicated some of his time making this poor robot look nicer :wink:

Here are the UV layouts :

Please feel free to ask me if you’ve got any questions concerning the UVs !

Also, I would really appreciate some tips about drawing, as I would love to learn more about art :wink:

Thank you in advance for your help, and have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

The robot looks like you didn’t have any plans for it that go beyond it being a robot and beging able to drive. I hope that doesn’t sound demotivating, as most of my prototypes look very similar to this.

It’s difficult to think about how it would look better, without knowing its environment, age and purpose.

The purpose is really important. This should be the property that defines the look of the robot. (“Form follows function”)
Is it a cleaning robot, like WALL-E? Or maybe a robot designed to entertain the kids of his owner? Or a medical support…
If you are not sure, what function it has besides driving through your levels, think about a background story. Where does this robot come from, how did he get there?
You can also think about its owner. If he’s rich or not often decides about what the robot is made of and how well designed he is.
This leads to the age it is “living” in. The robot looks like it is from the future, but it can also belong to a fantasy world, like a parallel dimension that is still in the past, but technologically advanced. This would be a steam punk theme for example.
The environment determines if the robot belongs there or not. If the robot does not fit into the environment, the player would want you to explain why it’s there. If it’s integrated into the place he could figure out himself.
It could be set in an ancient temple or a modern hotel, on dirty streets or on the moon, there are endless possibilities. But after all, the surroundings influence the robots looks and purpose.

I hope gave you some ideas to think about. I would like to try building a prototype for this robot when you provide these information.
Good luck with your game.


Hi! :slight_smile:

I think I might help you with some ideas. I´ve some experience in creative plastic arts and character modeling. Latelly I´ve been working on modeling and animation in Blender. Gaming isn´t really my speciality. 2d and 3D animation are the areas where I´ve been working. Allthough I´m not a professional is these areas, I thing I might help you out with some ideas ,sketches and 3d models.
I´ve seen your robot. And the first question is : what kind of actions is the robot supose to do?

Thank you for your answers ! :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are right, I should have explained the context a bit before posting.
It’s actually the first model I ever made with Blender, so I understand it’s pretty basic. I’ve got plans to enhance it over time, as I learn more about 3D modelling and get new ideas.

The main story’s set on an island from the Medieval period - Think of Windfall Island from The Wind Waker, for example.
It starts off with a “mad scientific inventor” who creates a robot to help him with his work.
One day, as the robot is bringing back some tools home, he finds out his inventor left a message for him, saying that he’s now become too old and has to try his last and “surely greatest” invention. In a lack of human warmth, the little robot will do his best to help humans on the island in order to acquire “humanity” with the wish of becoming human too, one day. Eventually, he’ll leave the island to look for his inventor.

So, basically, it’s going to be a platformer game with RPG elements. The main ability of the robot would then be jumping and running.

I’d like to keep its simple look, so that it has an amateur style and looks like he’s been made with boxes and simple elements there and there.