Model Question

I am making a scene and in that scene on one of my layers i am building a cruiser, when i am done i would like to make it a seperate model entirely from the rest of the layers.

basically take a model out of a scene of many models and have just that one saved under another name other than the scene name. Is there a way i could do that?

sure, just give it a name in the object field,…close that file, start a new one, hit shift F1 to append it, then select object>>(your object). it should appear on the same layer as it was in the other file, then just save it. if you need to move something from a layer, just select the object, hit ‘m’ and select the layer you want from the resulting menu.

thanks for your reply, got carried away with building and should have read your post :slight_smile: this is how i did it

I pushed save, so it saved my current scene of some 5 layers then just clicked ‘save as’ saved the same scene under another name, the name of my ship then just erased everything else on the other layers, moved my ship to layer one and walla…the jimirig way of doing it…

although that append that you just showed me how to do is going to be extremely helpfull for when i need to put the finished ship back into the scene.