model question

hey i wanted to know if anyone could help me
i want to make out of a picture, my body in blender
anyone got any ideas?
im practically new, so i need a pretty good tutorial
i saw one that looked great, but i forgot how to upload the photo in blender, i tried and i dont know why i couldnt find it
plz help me:D


To load a picture in a viewport:

In the bottom left ov the viewport, click on View, then click on Background Image
In the background Image panel, click on Use Background Image
Use the file folder icon to find your image.

The image plane will only show in Orthographic views, top front right side

As for tutorials, start here:

Best of Luck!

Then go here: Community Journal #2 - December 2005 and scroll to mr_bomb’s Adrianna tutorial at the bottom of the page