Model questions - beginner alert!

Just a quick beginners question - I notice that in Blender when I create a model it adds edge lines joing vertices but they aren’t actually edges (example circled red) - what are these for?

Also if I was to set smooth and render this is has strange wrinkles (2nd pic) - this is ok if all set solid - is this related to something I’m doing incorrectly in the model?
I would also value any comment on the way I have made this model - notice any bad practices etc? (Made the initial shape in Wings and moved into Blender to add details etc)

Thanks you!!

to your first question idk, I have never had blender add lines connecting vertices (unless I told it to do so). To your second question, all you have to do is recalculate the normals

go to edit mode (vertices), select all vertices “A”, then Ctrl-N and that should get rid of the weird lines.

Thanks for the reply…
The lines are not selectable…
I had previously recalculated the normals but still have the same render as above (when set to smooth)

Any other ideas?

posted in error

They actually seem to be real edges. If you look at the faces which contains the edges you’ve circled - that’s a N-Gon, a face consisting of more than 4 vertices. These are not available in Blender. It seems that when you have imported the model, these faces were turned into F (for Fake) - gons - look at the manual for more informations.

However, the important news for you - these faces are actually made of triangles and these are not your friend. Weird shading or problems with subsurf are not that unusal when you have lots of them. What I’d suggest now is:

  1. Turn of the F Gon feature (hit a to select all the faces, then hit f and -> Clear).
  2. Enable Autosmooth along with Set Smooth.
  3. Try to avoid triangles the next time.

Cheers that worked - I then made quad faces as best I could out of the tris…

Thing is the wings model has no triangles - it’s when imported to Blender they show up!

I now understand why - ngons :slight_smile:

Cheers Myke!!