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(edit Oct29 '06) the Repository has moved to:
Thanks, Andrew for hosting up until now. I’ll update this post when I have more information.
If you have a mesh or a number of meshes that you feel could be of use to others, please post them here. especially common objects, like furniture, cars, cats and dogs, stuff like that. textured or non. it’s up to you. Realise that once you post a mesh here, it may be used by anyone, for whatever purpose, with the exception of selling them. I will put up a couple models in a minute. If you feel like it, you could also include a picture of the model.
<edit> there are also models available at
<edit> in light of what happened to an][ares, ( some guy was selling his alien queen model on turbo-squid for $80 a pop ) i would like to reitterate, these models are for personal use only, you may not sell them! If anyone sees any of these models being sold at turbo-squid or anywhere else, please notify me!
<edit> akator wrote:

I’ve created a free, no registration required site that users can use for posting/downloading/sharing models:

Files/folders should be compressed before uploading. Uploaded files appear in a queue until they are checked for permanent addition.

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Here I present…

the Mammoth Mk4 .blend!

Dunno if it can help anyone…but here it is…untextured of course. (LOL)

and for the viewing pleasure :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey guys.

-------edit here is the pic with as far as i got on it-----

i will never have time to complete the texturing of this tank, or putting it into a scene. university is starting again which means that another 6 months later i will have more time, but thats to long LOL

so my tank is now going open source, i have UV mapped the body of it (the hardest part to UV map) and i have included a photoshop file that has the UV mapping as a template over a camo colour. this will make it easier for anyone wanting to texture it by hand.

if people UV map other areas of the tank, then it would be awsome if those alterations could be uploaded so that other people don’t need to re-do work on it.

i have two files for download.

the first is 2 Mb and is ONLY THE .BLEND FILE. if you download this file note that the aspect ratio of the UV mapped image is 2:1 (so 2xlong 1xhigh)

the second file is 6 Mb and contains BOTH THE .BLEND AND THE .PSD

the files are .zip but i used “7z” the windows version to compress it so you migh need that to extract it :S.

anyway here are the files, if you plan on using the PSD image then please downlaod the second one only, rather than downloading the first and the second 9saves me 2Mb bandwidht each time.

.Blend 2Mb

.Blend + .PSD 6Mb

also if you do anything with the file please show me, and post any pics you have created with it and such :smiley:

i want to see :wink:

p.s. non-comercial use (unless you ask me and negotiate a price :wink: ) ervrything else is fine


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with these tanks roaming around, perhaps I’d best hop into the untextured ‘convert-a-plane’ and make a hasty exit!

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bump hey, where are all the models that are supposed to be flooding in from the 4 corners of the earth? c’mon guys, surely you must have something you would be willing to donate. [!]

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I would donate, but all of my models are really bad or the good ones aren’t finished yet. So wait a little while and I will have a couple of things to post.

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I am presently working on a couple of kitchens, three bathrooms and stuff. It’ll have many variants (thanks to the magic :wink: of the block data). I’ll post the results as soon as there are any.


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Washer and dryer multi-color concept set in full SDS sexyness

I must also say that it should be used for non-commerical use. Otherwise please ask so we can negotiate a price…but hey it aint that great so why would anyone want it? (other than design value)

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a washer and dryer is perfect! thanks man!

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Hey guys I will try to model a little trees and pond set for adding to your environments.

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I have a lot that I could upload. I will see what I can dig up tomorrow and pass around.


(Jonathan Williamson) #13

A not quite finished female body mesh.

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hey cool i think i will see if i can scare up some more stuff from my many blend files…

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here’s a hand. blender-made naturally.

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OK, here are a couple of blend files of mine. These are packed with complete textures, so they are a little big.

Have fun and I hope you learn something from them too.


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How did you manage to uv map something as complex as sebulba’s head?

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I think torq is the person to feild that question

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dante is correct. I was ready to bail on texturing that model and then I posted the blend file. TorQ unwrapped it, manually BTW, and then reposted the blend with the unwrap. I havd to tweak some stuff to flatten out some UV’s and get some stuff lined up, but most of the work was TorQ’s.

A big thanks to TorQ for that effort. But I did learn a lot from his unwrap and used similar techniques on other models since.


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Wow. He must be as insane as the guy in your first blend you posted there!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s great modeling and texturing, very nice stuff.