Model Request:cargo shipping container 20'& Led throwie for proposal of moble artshow

hello everyone,
i am about to create a mobile sculpture gallery using a shipping container. before i get permission to actually build a instalation i need to provide a proposal and blueprints, that luckly i have already done, but then i realized that with my blueprints i could show a nice rough , if. i had a shipping contaner model

… time is a little bit of a concern since im submiting my proposal tonight , but if its not tonight its cool since its for my universities art department to authorize. so i know at some point ill need to provide a full presentation and i doubt its tonight.

the plan is to take a shipping container , put led thowies on the celing ( container is magnetic) and have a 6ft x 18 ft floor that will illuminate the Teklaharian sculptures from below ( see mangablog for images and videos of sculptures.)

so if i can get a somewhat accurate ( no textures needed , just geom) of a led thowie ( , and (or ) a shipping container , ( the kind that go on trucks and boats) i will be able to create a image of the expected construction of the container.

I have put my proposal for my work on my website , , , .

and pictures of my proposal’s rough blueprints, for a lighted floor, and ramp for accesibility.

proposals been approved , im horible at modeling a realistic model , so id be willing to pay someone for the shipping container model , but it would have to be realistic.

is $40 paypal fair

tcrazy made a nice looking one here, maybe you could send a personal message.