[Model Request] Revan Reborn

Hello, everyone. My name is Jaren Verce and I’m new to this site.

I’m a gamer, as you can most likely imagine. I play Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and I’ve been attempting to “frankenstein” (our word for combining models together) my own version of reborn Revan from the SWTOR expansion, Shadow of Revan. Unfortunately, no results are proving sufficient and no one has released a quality model of what I’m looking for. I came here in hopes that maybe someone could make a realistic version of the model (as SWTOR has a semi-cartoony art style.)

References: http://imgur.com/Yb1IoW9,OF9xIta,Z8QyApW,ofF8ZjB,1AdlyRa,cU26ngD,JkKHzlE,cSC8yz0,EzqZQIO,vs5Qtku,xLW4uLX,yGCBhph

I’d be very grateful if someone could model this. I can handle exporting it into JKA and providing sounds and such. I might use this for a mod in a later point in time and if I do, proper credit would be afforded to the author.

Please consider my request, I’ve been trying to find ways to do this for a year and it hasn’t worked out and none of the modelers on JKHub acknowledge my request. If you want to facilitate proper communications, you can contact me via Steam:

Jaren Verce