[Model/Rig/Pose] High-poly Umbrella Girl

Hey all! I’ve pretty much sat at my computer most of the past week working on this. Its my first successful character model! Previous attempts were a disaster.

In this project, I learned…

  • how to model an entire character
  • how to make a net-like material out of procedurals
  • how to apply an armature to a model
  • that skeleton work is ridiculous/time consuming/angrifying
  • how to pose a character
  • that clothes don’t always act correctly in 3D
  • how to use shape keys
  • that I need a faster computer

This is still a work in progress in the sense I need to put umbrella girl in an environment. The skirt was a disaster. It wouldn’t deform correctly with the legs, so I ended up using 30 (yes, 30) bones for the skirt alone. That’s more than the rest of the armature, haha. Careful if you run into her… shey may step on your face with her huge boots.


Credit: Umbrella girl is an original character by Pairo: http://pyromaniac.deviantart.com/gallery/

You might try the cloth-modifier build. Warning, it’s still being worked on.


Here’s some more info:

Actually, the cloth-modifier hasn’t been worked on for ages…

But, your work is looking promising. :slight_smile:


Mostly finished! Here is a link to my dA account with the picture. Click on it to view it wallpaper size =D. Any last crits before I post it in the finished section?