Model rigged in 3ds Max, needs to be re-rigged in Blender

(ShaunH) #1

Hi guys,

I work for a design agency in Sydney called Orion Creative.
We purchased this model from TurboSquid a while ago, it’s rigged in 3ds Max. We got it converted to Blender, but of course the rigging doesn’t come across. Is anyone able to help re-rig this in Blender? We’re not a 3D company but use the astronaut as our brand mascot. It would be good to be able to pose him. Please PM me with questions/costs if interested.


(pafurijaz) #2

try with fbx format and then import in Blender, or look this add on MaxToBlender

(frederico4d) #3

I did that before and was really troublesome, not automatically, I had to make a script for it in particular, to simulate/translate the constraints and all, I would say it is easier to rerig in blender!
I did that because I had alot of animations already and exported them from max to blender, but if you dont have that, re rerig it! I would say.

(ShaunH) #4

Yeah we tried quite a few ways to bring it across, but nothing seemed to work very well – not that we’re experts!

Thanks so much to the people who PMed me. I have contracted a person so for now I’m all sorted.

In case it helps anyone in the future, here are some things that made me engage with a message as opposed to ignoring it (no doubt different for different people of course):

  • They provided a price (even indicative). I brushed past any message that didn’t have a cost. I know it’s hard to throw a price out there, but perhaps you’ll be written off if you don’t?
  • There were a few decent examples of work included.
  • They gave more technical detail, not too much, just enough to show they had thought it through and knew their stuff. Extra points if they said something I had already encountered and could verify. Some gave a little advice.
  • Messages that were too short or informal didn’t come across as well. I’d say launch straight into particulars instead of spending the first message introducing yourself and saying you can do it.
  • They offered to show how to use it afterwards.

Hope that doesn’t sound preachy, just thought it might be helpful to hear the perspective from the client side!

(redappletech) #5

Sent you a PM.

(Paolo Di Luca) #6

Sent you a PM.

(bobr.animation) #7

hello! sent you a pm days ago :slight_smile: did you already find somebody?