Model rooms

Hello everyone!

I am trying to model a very simple office. What I am trying to do is to have two adjacent rooms with a door between them.
I tried to do it with two adjacent cubes. Subdivided one, deleted faces to create door. Selected door edges, extruded them orthogonal to wall.
Now the problem is, to create a door at exact the same spot in the adjacent wall of the next room. Since it doesnt have the same size, I cannot subdivide as i get different faces at different places…
What is the right way of doing this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There are numerous ways of doing things like this. The main problem sounds like your workflow, so it’s good you gave such a clear description. Thanks. If you ever need to, you can alsohost screenshots of issues at

Instead of making two rooms per say, why not make one large room for the area of both of them, then add the wall inbetween? You might make the middle wall from a plane / grid (with door face deleted) and this extruded for wall depth.

F-key also good for filling in two opposite edges.

thank you Lancer.
I will give your way a try. I allready tried another way by building single walls out of cubes.
By now I know the very basic things, like g,s,r, meshes and so on. It is interesting how at this stage there are problems arising that I didnt know existed two days ago :slight_smile: did I make myself clear here? :slight_smile:

Sure. Separate cubes can be messy though. Another way would be to start with modeling out the middle wall, use CTRL-R to add edge loops, and E in face mode to extrude roof and walls outwards, followed by F to close everything up at the ends. Does not sound like a difficult model. Screenshot any problems.

Why not just make one room, duplicate it, mirror it, and then scale up everything but the door on the copied room?
You can also host images right here on the forum, by the way:)

thank you all. I think I found a very good way of doing it.
Add cube, select one face, chose extrude but dont move, scale down, delete face -> there is my door. I can resize and move it to where ever I want. This way it is easy to fit the opposing part of the door.