Model seam?

I made two models but one has a seam down the middle of the face that makes it look like it has a bad texture on it. The shading doesn’t interact well with the seam either. I don’t know what I did or how to fix it? The only difference I can find between my two models is that the one without a seam was made using “sphere” as the base and the one with a seam was made using “plane” as the base.

If using ‘plane’ as the base for my model is why it has an ugly seam down the middle, how do I make an existing model be made up of another shape? Is it possible to convert an already complete model to a sphere base(as if it had been built from a sphere from the beginning?) so that it no longer has this giant seam? How do I do this if so? And if that isn’t what causes straight-down-the-middle seams, what is and how would I fix that?

No screenshots. No blend file. No information about how those models were built (mirror modifier?)…
How on earth are we supposed to help you?

I’m supposed to send the blend file? I don’t even know how to attach a screen shot in these posts. I can try but I have no idea what I’m doing. I just begun learning to use blender last month and I just found this website today.

How do I send the blend file? .blend says it is an invalid file type to share. Should I put it in a zip or upload it on another website and link it here?

Looks like you have modifier issues; Mirror and Sub surf. In Mirror modifier make sure to check on Clipping.

Modifier is applied to model in sequence form top down. You need to stack Mirror modifier on top of Sub surf. This way if there is any hard edge at the mirror line Sub surf will round it out. You can change the modifier stacking by selecting up / down triangle by right upper corner of modifier box.

If you’re new to this forumhere’s howto get the most efficient use out of it.

Your mirror modifier needs merge checked as well with a nonzero value. Try clicking the increase arrow a few times to see if that fixes the seam without damaging the rest.

Thank you! It worked, you’re a life saver. ^^ I’ll check that out. And Ridix for your suggestion too.