Model stretches when posing with a rig

Hello there
When i begin posing my model, the model stretches unnaturally. and when i make more spreaded poses with the right arm or the right leg, the stomach on the right side begins deforming and stretching also for some reason. When i begin posing the bones on the left side, the stomach is normal. But everything is weirdly stretched out… !

i hope someone can help me

This can happen when weight painting a model with any parts that are too close together, when modeled, even tho viewing in weight painting mode may not show the problem. This is why a “T” pose (or modified “T”) is used for weight painting. I recently had a Raven, and the lower jaw would ‘trail’ a little when I opened the mouth. I went back into modeling, opened the mouth a little bit, re-applied the weight maps, and now it works correctly. Good luck with your efforts.

Oh ok. I didnt even begin weight painting. So i’m trying to look into that. I just rigged the model and tried posing with it.

In the very process of modeling, and the activating a rig, some form of automatic weighting must take place, otherwise no ‘rig’ would work at all. Try selecting parts of the model, such as those arms, and rotate them away from the body, before assigning the rig to the modeled polys.

Thanks for the answer! Im going to try that out.