Model surface visible from one side and invisible from the other

Hi all,

This is embarrassing. I am just starting to learn Blender but can’t figure this out.

Recently I got a 3d model of a butterfly with textures and everything from Turbosquid. I added some flying animations in Blender and imported it as fbx into Unity. But inside Unity, the wings are invisible from one side, but visible from the other. I am assuming that the model does not have any issues, but I don’t know how to fix this, or if it should be fixed in Blender before exporting or if there are any settings I am missing in Unity after I import the model that is causing this. Can anyone help me?

Backface culling, that is…

As far as I remember is that a measure taken (by default) by the game engine to prevent the calculation of invisible “inside”-faces in order to cut down on computation time. You might need to set your drawing code accordingly for this single model to wether check back face culling or not.

edit: you could also turn the wing faces into doubles… but I would still suggest to handle that via code within the IDE (Unity)