Model Telecoms Towers from Point Cloud


We are looking to have some Telecoms Structures modelled in Blender, ready to use in Unreal Engine

You would receive the following…

  1. Point Cloud in e57 format (RCS available also)
  2. Drawings that give a little more low res info.
  3. 360 Panoramic images - you can view using FSP Viewer

We currently get these done on and pay $225 per model but would like to support the Blender Community, hence posting here.

Please email or skype me to let me know you are interested or if you have any queries?
email: [email protected]
skype: ray.henry.athy



Hello i have experience in hard surface models, i’ll leave a link to my portfolio, ir you think i’m good enough, contact me:

Hi TIDBO, I am curious as to why was this tower scannned in point cloud? I have seen other works that use this technique, so I am wondering if this is a general advise to spread the use of 3d big scale scanned models? -Just curious. Thanks.

hello i am 3D artist i have experience in hard surface modelling too
,and among other stuff, here are some of my works

hi … i will maill you my protofilio … pleas chek it

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