Model & Texture in Blender&Author Ideal 3D Interacti

Bring your textured Blender Models to Life in a No Scripting, Totally Visual Gaming Environment.

No coding, no scripting, totally interactive manipulation in 3D Real Time with collision detection, real world movement systems including bones and IK, sliding joints, hinges, ball joints, full constraints and an incredible spring simulation system - sensors, reactions and manipulation handles included into a “wire together” non-linear, (including random behavior), processing environment - plus an intuitive, yet simple timeline for incorporating sound and bezier control of animation curves - everything operating in real time - standalone publishing to Mac or Windows, interactive “wired” Quicktime or Flash publishing for the web.

Add to these features instantaneous transfer of Blender models, fully textured for adding life and interactivity, immediately “playable” and viewable in real time 3D - the ideal system for making games like and unlike any you have ever seen or played before, should all add up to a “gaming” solution many of us would be interested in incorporating into our Blender pipeline.

Just out of curiosity, if such a system were immediately available for $129 U.S., how many of you would raise your hand, cast your vote, open your checkbook or slap down your credit card?

I’m not selling anything, (yet), but would like to know if many people feel, as I do, that such a cross-platform environment would be a winning combination.


Greg Smith

There are many programs out there that promise the ability to make your own games with little or no effort, but the old tried and true methods still work the best. Chances are, if something is exceedingly simple, it also doesn’t have the power of something that takes more work. Honestly, I’ll stick to scripting with a real engine, as will most people who are trying to make a full fledged game. For tech demos and proof of concept work, fast visual editors are okay, and for people trying to break into the industry without any experience it’ll be a starting point. You already have competition from people like , though…and theirs is cheaper…not to mention engines like torque which require little scripting to use on a decent level.

If complete, visual, interactive game-building systems really gave you full control and power, game studios wouldn’t have their troup of coders cranking out code 50+ hours a week.


I never said that the process involved little effort, it just requires no scripting or coding. Certainly, those who are comfortable with coding and scripting game logic would agree with you. But, it could be, that those found creating games by coding are, like many others, simply doing what they know best. And, by sheer momentum, keep that particular development “ball” rolling. It is good for all concerned, especially the programmers, the high tech priesthood. I also don’t believe that one can author anything along the lines of what I have mentioned using the Torque 3D engine, without some kind of scripting. If it is so, can you post some links to examples done in this fashion?

In addition, I don’t believe that the most interesting or engaging content comes from the minds and imaginations of programmers, nor does it find its origins in lines of machine code. It may be a generalization to say that most graphically creative people have a built-in aversion to code, but I’ll say it anyway.

So, again, I’ll state that an extremely powerful, visual environment based on real world “cause and effect” systems exists today, where extremely diverting games and simulations can be made without writing a single line of code. A 3D, interactive development world for those who like to create things that are graphically rich, conceptually complex and full of uncommon action. Great fun to use, I might add, as well.

Greg Smith