Model Texturing Glitch (Please Help)

I’m new to modeling and stuff… So when I tried modeling a gundam, I made the leg then decided to try and texture it. When I go to Texture Paint, the calve part is messed up and you can see through the Faces and look at the inside of the Faces on the back. Please take a look at it… Leg.blend (524 KB)
I tried using the Cube then Subdivide technique thing… I usually use lots of loop cuts instead, but for some reason my models look like crap.

The source of the problem is that the model is itself rather messy, there are unconnected faces and internal faces that are puzzling Blender that can’t really know how to orient the normals the way you would like to.

I think you should remodel in a simplified way , as there are lot of vertices that looks to be uneeded in the silhouette, by example something like this on the left :

I atttach the .blend of the example i did if you want it.


Legtest2.blend (63.7 KB)

Thanks, and how did you make it so clean? Mine is messy because I suck at modeling and I wanted to make the seams for the texturing…

Well, after a lot of doing the same thing, I found the problem to the “Texture Glitch” was that when I made a mistake at the top, I deleted the Vertices then Extruding and did the part over. So I tried making it again, simpler and still had the edges along some of the Seam parts. Please take a look at it, and is there a way to remove unwanted Vertices/Edges without deleting a Face or two? RevisedLeg.blend (455 KB)

When I was Subdivision Surfacing/Smoothing/Smooth Shading my model, it all turned glitchy, I’ve had this problem with my other models… I don’t know what’s going on… and I found a little crack in the Calve, the top part, which is no big deal…

Ok the problem is the Modeling as was stated earlier. You really need to watch some tutorials before you do anything. Check out blender cookie.

Here is a screengrab of me modeling a gundam style leg maybe this will be useful to you.

If you can’t help yourself by exploring all of the learning opportunities out there, how can you expect us to help you?

So should I just completely forget about making Seams for texturing? That’s what’s really making my models bad… Or should I try to make those after I finish it all?

No what’s making your models bad is a lack of understanding how to model. Go find some tutorials and follow them then try modeling some very simple things like a coffee mug then a chair etc. First get to an intermediate level of modeling then work on more advanced textures.

Before making seams for texturing, you will indeed first need to have the model being well built, that’s why the modelling phase is very important so you can get your unwrap coming well.

Give a closer look to the screengrab video mentionned to get a better idea on how you should build your model before going further with subdivision surface and making seams.