Model to virtual model method?

Hello! So… what a lot of super high end studios have (And probably a lot of not super high end… whatever lol) is the 3d mapper or whatever, where it records points in space relative to a central point (Or w/e) to get the vertices for a 3d model.

I think I described that right… anyway

If I had a person I was going to use as a model for a scene in Blender, and I drew dots on their skin (Lots of dots…maybe lines) and took photos from side and front/back views, would this allow enough information to be able to trace them out in blender using the shots as background images?

I’m trying to find a way to do real-world 3d mapping without spending tons of money, since there are a lot of things I’d like to try that require a huge amount of accuracy (Photorealistic people is the main/hardest one).

So yeah… would this idea work? If not with people, with simpler things maybe?

Also, how much do such tools generally cost anyway, just wondering… I don’t have any idea where I’d even get one o.o

If you were to do an interview with some pixar or dreamworks (you get the idea) modellers, I can assure you at least a couple would say that they draw the edgeloops they plan to follow direcctly onto the concept sketches/references. this was something I read about awhile ago and they showed a couple of different artists workflows with this method. Since that time it’s been the second thing I’ve done in a project, with the first being actually picking the ref/drawing the concept. It saves you about 30 minutes of drawing lines on your friend, and saves your friend about 10 minutes in the shower

For me at least… drawing isn’t an option… you know how when learning to draw, you’re supposed to make circles and boxes as an outline of people, and move on from there? I can’t even do that… I end up with hugely dis formed BOXES for pete’s sake lol…

But I can always draw lines on my friends =P and find reference pics and such…

The only reason for the drawing directly on them was to keep the line/dot at the same place from sideview and front view, to get all three axis locations.

It will probably work, especially for faces, if you can get your friends to not laugh while you’re taking the pictures. Use the longest telephoto lens you can find, and stand them as far away from the camera as you can and still get a useable photo (reduces perspective distortion.)

Use a combination of dots and X’s, to keep track of what you’re looking at in the photos. And use something that washes off, or your friends will only help you once.

Culd be fun to use sharpies tho =P

And the dots/x’s is great, thanks! I wouldn’t have got that till the 4th or 5th try lol…

You needn’t draw on the person, just use adhesive dots, like those you can find in an office supply store, or squares of colored tape. The different colors might be easier to follow than Os and Xs when the locators are seen nearly edge-on.