model turns black

after I do face selection and add a texture with the uv editor, then go out of face selection mode my model turns completely black. can anyone explain why and how to turn it back to its original color?

well maybe one of the most used answer but try CTRL-N normals must be outside.

Maybe that does the trick

If you’re in Shaded mode, make sure you have a light nearby to be able to see your objects.


Also check your vertex colors.

Also check the object isn’t mirrored (N in object mode, if any of the Size’s are negative it’s mirrored)

If it is try turning off Doublesided in editbuttons (F9)

This particular bug is fixed in the CVS (so will probably be fixed in 2.34)

This happened to me when I mirrored a mesh out of object mode (X Local). Turning off Double-Sided did make the color reappear, but I wanted a double sided mesh. So it was solved by mirroring it in exact the same way again. Don’t know how to overcome this after uv-mapping though…

thank you everyone who provided a post. through trial and error I was able to get it back to the original color. basically by hitting z and f to get in and out of face mode and back to the original color. not sure if it is a glich or just me not knowing what I’m doing, proably me. thanks

Uh… I think you just changed from textured view to solid. You need to check your vertex colors.