Model unwrap size problem?

Hello. I really don’t know how to solve this?

First I made a simple cube. Then extruded it.

You can see, that I have cube projection and unwrap.
My problem here is the size.
The cube projection uv size is correct, but the uv positions are wrong.
The unwrap uv positions are right, but the uv size is wrong.

How can I unwrap it with the size of the cube projection? I know, that I can unwrap it and scale the uv. But I want it automatically without extra scaling.


The scale of the UV is ties to the UV mapping scale, not the physical size of your object. The only thing to do with UV unwrapping, if done in sections, is to use CTRL+A in the UV window to make sure your unwaprred faces have relative scale.

CTRL+A? Ok. I’ve search for this. It’s still not what I want.

It’s hard to determine exactly what it is you want. As I say, the size of the UV map in no way correlates to the object size. If you want the faces to look like they are on the object, you can use project from view when unwrapping and use seams to mark out where you want the “cuts” to take place. I suppose easy question first, how familiar are you with the concepts of UV unwrapping and UV maps?

With “project from view” it looks good. I tried that first, but it doesn’t worked. Now it works. Thank You!