Model update: F-302 Please comment:)

Ok: don’t be suprised that 'there is an other guy making a F-302. Svenniemannie is a friend of mine and helping me getting started. I did this model all by meself though, he’s just commenting and stuff.

Here is a screen for as far as i am. Maybe not much to comment on. But … anyways

PS: This is my second model ever… so please… tell everything in n00blanguage xD :rolleyes:

Bump my topic

nice model…not much to crit yet though

more to comment on :PxD

Nice start, keep up the good work! :wink:

thanks :slight_smile: hehe :eek:

I spy Vista:D
well any way if the quality on th wings is the same as what you have so far Id say it well be good when finished.