Model wanted

U know the Sith in Star Wars E1. I’m looking for a .blend to this type of character. All i want is a model of a person with wearing that type of cloak. Like the characters in S68’s pic If any of you have made something like this or know where I can find the .blend I would be happy. I’n not good at making humans or anything organic for that matter so I was wondering if anyone had already made something like this already and would be willing to share it. :wink:



I’m almost done with my 500 Blender Model CD…

I have Darth Maul available for ya if this helps… he’s on the CD with a bunch of other Star Wars stuff… (Remember… these 3d models are to only be used for non-commercial work)

I should have the CD done in the next couple of weeks…


ok, thanks, ill have a look.

Tell me more about this CD, I’m interested in getting one.