Model wobbles after motion tracking with good solve error

I’m trying to make a vfx shot with a monster. I motion tracked the footage with a great 0.23px solve error. After importing the model, scaling, I watched the video, and noticed that the model and the ground is moving out of place, shaking, wobbling.

The only thing I can do is forget motion track and move the model frame by frame.

This is how it starts, but the model moves away, shakes, etc.

Can anyone help me?

Edit: I know the model and the rig looks horrible.

The solve error number is not entirely reliable. It just means Blender has found a solution that matches all tracked points, though that solution could have flaws, especially if some of the points are not a perfect track.

I would be curious to see what your tracking editor looks like. Depending on the case, you could either have too few points, or maybe too many (sometimes, a few unstable points can make the tracking wrong and deleting them improves things).

Also, have you checked the camera settings in the tracking editor? If you can enter the settings of the camera that was used to film the original footage (or guess something close), that can improve tracking, because Blender can take into account the focal length settings and lens distortion.

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Thank you for answering! I already solved the issue. I solved it by selecting a tracker setting it as origin in the solve tab. This made the ground follow that tracker. It solved it. Also thank you for the camera tips, I didn’t know what these things were good for

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