Model won't show up when I render?

So the most important model won’t show up when we press F12. I’m not sure what we did but does anyone know how to get a model to show up in a render?

We’ve searched the web for two hours and almost a half and couldn’t find a solution. And I’m not sure what else to add here so I’ll answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading in advance. :3

And I’m not sure what else to add here
Your blend file ! Upload a blend file that demonstrates the problem to and tell us the download link.

Have you read the other threads where people say this or that doesn’t render ? There are loads of them and the same solutions comes up again and again

Okay, just give me a second to upload and post the link. And yes, I’ve read a few of those. They either don’t work or I just don’t get it.


There it be. o___o

You’ve restricted the rendering of that mesh…

That’s the #1 reason for models not showing up and about 98 percent of the topics Richard mentioned deal with excatly that…:wink:

Thank you both! :3

I can’t believe that little button was the problem… -____-’
And now you can call Kuri (me) one of the most uneducated in terms of Blender. x3

Although, I didn’t come across this answer when I was searching for one, perhaps I wasn’t look hard/long enough. And I don’t remember clicking that button in the first place? Is there a button on the keyboard that could have deactivated it?