necesitamos modeladores y/o animadores en blender para colaborar en futuros proyectos de Fire & Ice Studios.

El trabajo no es remunerado, ni tampoco creo que lo sea en un futuro, aunque no es descartable.

En principio dichos proyectos estarian encaminados a la realizacion de cortos de animacion, aunque en un futuro seria posible la creacion de juegos.

Si tienes ganas de echar un rato con nosotros apuntate pinchando en este enlace:

P.D. NOTE TO THE ADMIN TO THIS FORUM: Sorry to put this post in spanish but we jus,t need people who speak spanish, and the spanish comunity is closed. Thx for all.

yes I see…but why do you use cap-letter in the title ?

Doesn’t look very nice to me.

Please don’t start a trend…

If people start writing posts in their own native language
the forum will be a mess.

However…an international “forum-conference” like


would do the trick.

(Imagine if I started to post in Norwegian everywhere here,
you guys wouldn’t understand squat…if you don’t speak

Tenk om jeg plutselig begynte å skrive på Norsk
så ville dere ikke forstå et kvekk!


I do :stuck_out_tongue:

but I do somewhat agree to you what said above, but sometimes we might need to tweak a bit…depends what…

I dont speak spanish, only gringo spainglish! :smiley:

sorry, I jus,t looking for people who speak spanish and meet blender.

Nicodigital closed and a lot of people don,t have any web now, to learn and comunicate.

By the way, thx to don,t delete this message.

P.D. Sorry for my english :expressionless: