Modeler and Animator neede

Hi. I’m looking for someone to do basic interior modeling for mobile games. The interior is not that complicated and the animation is quadruped. The scenes will be inside of houses so it’ll be stuff like tables and TVs. Animation will be stuff like walking, running, idle, etc. More details will be available ti the person who gets the job. While this will starts off for free, it will eventually evolve into a paying job.

I can help help with the modeling. I can provide some examples if you like.

I’d love to see examples.

I’m currently rendering one other scene for a third post, but in the meantime, you can find some examples in my new tumblr portfolio at

Edit: having some issues with the render, hope to have it later today.

Edit2: I’ve finally rendered my last scene. As you’ll notice, I’m having issues with the lighting aspect, but hopefully that doesn’t detract from the models I created. They aren’t original however, but based on Ikea furniture. Hopefully, you are still on the lookout for a modeler.

That looks good. Do you have a skype or email?

I’ve replied to your PM with an email address you can contact me at.