[Modeler and Artist Needed]--MMORPG type Game

Hey There Folks!
If you are a low-poly modeler or an artist this is the place for you!

Project Genre & Platform

The Idea
Project Guild (name not final) is an MMORPG with unique and immersive gameplay. The traditional MMO is based on questing and leveling up in order to become more powerful. However, Project Guild has an emphasis on guild relations, and individual skills. Guilds are by far the biggest part of the game, and have a lot more power and options than other MMOs.

Our team has consists of several programmers and a couple art folks. We have gone through the initial stages of planning and we are now starting to develop.

What we are Looking For
Active, Dedicated, Online

  • Artists: We need a variety of artists. If you are a concept artist, that is what we currently need most. Concept artists are important so we can get a feel for what the game should look like, and what the level designer should be creating. In addition, we need an artist to work on assets such as barrels, houses, and live creatures like humans and horses.
  • Modelers: We need both humanoid/creature modelers, and low-poly prop/structure modelers. The worlds and environments created need to be population.

You may contact me through Skype: kenne.brookes
Please, in your contact request, send a message about the position you are interested in.
You may also direct message me on the forums, however I am much more likely to respond on Skype.