Modeler and Texturer Needed

I need a texturer to texture some spaceships for me and a modeler to help model some. I have 5 currently made but not textured. A Titan, a carrier, a frigate, and two drones.
I am making a space sim game and you will get a portion the revenue, I have a basic solar system made in unity, and I want to have a prototype/demo made by next summer at least, after that I/we will be opening a kickstarter for it. I have high hopes for the game and lots of plans for it. If you want to know more then feel free to email me at
[email protected]
I have Included the models for the interceptor, Carrier, and Frigate


Interceptor Drone.blend (662 KB)Frigate.blend (624 KB)Carrier.blend (1010 KB)