Modeler needed for Building vehicle models from Quality Images

I am a software developer and we are working for a project for a boat manufacturer. I need a modeler that can generate quality models to be used for photorealistic renderings/animations.

I am not as concerned with hourly rate as I am with cost to produce each model. In my experience some may charge more or less an hour, but how fast someone works is equally important.

I would like to see examples of models done, including images used to build them, rates, etc.

Start with a post or PM with details of yourself, and we can setup a IM or video conference to discuss the project.


Hello Robert,

I’m potentially interested in this project. My portfolio is at

I’ve been working with Blender for a number of years now and have modeled several boats, as well as other photo-realistic projects. If you can supply images of the type of boats you are talking about, as well as what sort of reference images you have to work with I can see about creating a bid for you. If you are interested let me know.

Hello Robert, Ive PMed you, but just in case, I generally start out with something like this.

and end up with something like this.

but its still WIP.


Bogey, email me at [email protected], what are your rates and such? The boats are much simpler than this. Go to and you will get a clear idea of what I am going for.


Dear Robert.
We are specialized in ship modeling, we made a lot of models for a large number of companies. Usually we work for shipyards or naval architects. Please visit our web page to see examples of our work. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.