Modeler / Rigger Needed, $75 min payment

I need a female minecraft character that looks similar to the one in this video -

She will need to be rigged (with IK legs, FK is fine on the arms). The more facial control I have, the better. Check out the rig titled “steve rig 1” that is one the right side of the following page - The more similar to this rig (in features) the better. It doesn’t need to get quite that complicated, but as I said, the more facial control and features, the better. I also like the general bone setup on that rig.

The rig’s skin needs to be interchangeable, like the rig I linked and like all other Minecraft rigs available for download.

Thank you!

Message me with your thoughts. :slight_smile: Payment is negotiable.

do you need it modeled, or just rigged?

If all else fails, I can getter done for ya. I’ll need some time though, I have another job I’m currently working on… But after that, I should be pretty free :smiley:

He made the rig available here:
I see no point in recreating it.

Making well models, rigging and animation.

I can do 3D modeling!

I’ve found someone - consider this job ended unless otherwise noted by me.

Okay :slight_smile: Glad you could find someone :wink: