[Modelers] for a Unity MMO

Hi there,

Are YOU a Modeler?
Our 8-person team is currently looking for experienced modelers who want to work with a group on a collaborative MMO project. We are only offering profit sharing options at the moment.

  • [B]Character Modeler

  • Item/Weapon Modeler

  • NPC Monster Modeler

  • Building Modeler (medieval style)

  • Terrain Modeler

If you would like to help us out, direct message me, and write down your Skype username!
If you don’t have one, that’s okay - just DM me anyways.

We’re grateful for all kinds of support with our new project and hope you can help us on our journey to create the new best MMORPG!

The Dev Team[/B]

Add me on Skype: CelestialReap We’'l negotiate something