Modelers in Arkansas?

I was wondering if there are any Blender modelers in Arkansas who would be interested in joining me in a massive project involving Blender (no, not Lucian Chronicles nor the Fat Werewolf).

For fear of someone taking my ideas, all I can say is it has to do with gargoyles.

They must live in the Little Rock or North Little Rock area and be willing to take a bus or a car at different times (I will do the same).

You must be an adult willing to sign a contract involving the cooperative voluntary project.

Do not give me your address here. I will email you.

%| Don’t hold your breath, friend. :-?

The first question is: “Why does the contributor have to live in Little Rock, and what on earth does ‘taking a bus or a car at different times’ (a) mean, and (b) have to do with it?” (“Oops, I bet that means he doesn’t have a car or isn’t old enough to drive yet. Bad news. Better not go there.”)

But the “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!!” clarion-call is, “fear of someone taking my ideas.” No matter what your idea is, you won’t be the first one to have thought of it, but many folks who say these things think they are; think they own it; think the world should beat a path to their door; think that when it doesn’t happen, someone musta stole it. etcetera… So, there’s gonna be trouble someday and whoever-it-is will be caught smack in the middle and “why bother with that?” :expressionless:

Right now, be aware, partly because you also stipulate “an adult,” you got about three strikes against you and the mental impression is “a kid, about seventeen, with a grand idea not very original and no money.” That might not be true and it probably isn’t, but impressions speak volumes.

So… what are you seeking to contract to buy? What skills and services do you have, and is the project funded? It’s all right to require an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for details, but first you must provide reasons for serious interest. (“Once bitten… twice shy.”)

Why are you starting so many projects? Very foolish indeed… %|


For one- I don’t like working over the internet.

And for two- my decisions and “foolish” ideas are my own business.

Just don’t flame me for it.

About that “Grand Scheme”… We all have to start somewhere. No CEO is born a CEO. And few are born rich. To say that I am incapable of forming a small group and creating a short 40 minute animation is kind of stupid. Do think you’re better than me? @ndy is better than me, not you. Envy is better than me, not you. You don’t know me. You cannot judge who I am. None of you can.

Feel free to reply, I’d like to hear what you haved to say.

I’m an 18 year-old African American with an out dated computer and grand ideas. That doesn’t mean anything.

sorry for flaming you, I was in a rather unhappy mood. Apologies, and I hope you find someone there who will be willing to help you. :slight_smile:

Er, I edited that post. Read it again. I have more to say…

without wanting to sound “pretentious” or anything…I do feel that I have more experience than you in “big” projects…

First, yep it’s better to meet the co-worker…if you don’t…things get fucked up and people leave the project quite easely…trust me on this…so you are doing the right thing…

2nd, don’t make the same mistake as I did…from what I saw from you ont he forum and stuff, you never really finished a huge project. Don’t start my a 40min movie…it will get screwed up no matter what you try to do. Start with smaller projects, keep your bigger ideas for later. Do them when you get better/more experienced leading a team/

trust me, it’s not a good idea to start a 40min anim right away like this…

I know that. That’s the perpose of the Fat Werewolf. It is a small project. And Lucian Chronicles has been put on a long serious hold as expected (I don’t think I can do a 90 minute video at the moment).

Also, I apologize for not adding more detail to the subject. I don’t plan on starting “Return to Earth” for a while. I just wanted to get acqanted with some Arkansan Blenderers so that they would be available when I do start.

And I apologize for getting angry. That’s something you just don’t do on the net.