Modelers Needed for Game Project

(Pittuck) #1

I am making a game in a language called Dark Basic ( It is a FPS and we have all the programmers and video editors we need.

BUT we really need a modeler, a good one will do nothing too special is needed.

So if you wish to join or find out more information please email me at [email protected].

Thank You

  • Martyn Pittuck

(haunt_house) #2

first person shooters are a funny but boring waste of time

(Pittuck) #3

It really depends on who you ask, FPS’s are the most played games because they are easy to play and you don’t need to think too much abou what you are doing. Unlike fantasy, RPG and driving games where you have to watch listen learn and think.

Either way you look at it FPS’s are a great starting point. Look at ID software for example. Wolvenstine, DOOM, Quake + more all come from a teenage hobbyistic programmer!

(Eric) #4

“Volvenstein” LoL

(Friday13) #5

Hmm…but i think RPGs are better (RPG addicted :D)

(gargola) #6

then go to my page an try my Flash Ninja game! :smiley:

(Pittuck) #7

I like RPG’s too, but i only have time to do them when i have no work to do (hardly ever) and as you say they are addictive - so not much work gets done.

Anyway from a programmers point of view, RPG’s are the hardest gomes to create, too many things to think about with objects, different levels of stuff, magic…

(kos) #8

hey i can be in!i think i am a good modeller.don’t know how “good” you want.i like modelling if you are interested please reply me here(first preference) or mail me separately at [email protected] am really SERIUS about this.if you need to see my works please let me know.i just want a break as a modeller.hope you remember me! :smiley:

(haunt_house) #9

FPS’s are the most played games because they are easy to play and you don’t need to think too much abou what you are doing.



(Pittuck) #10

Ok, right. KOS i will put you on the team as a character modeler. (which i what we really need).

I would like to see some work though. Also i will be emailing everyone in 3/4 weeks about the storyline, what needs doing etc.

But after i have seen your work i will give you some stuff to do (modelling bad guys and the main characters!)

(Rob) #11

I down loaded Dark Basic awhile ago to check it out. Having used Blender I was not so impressed with the example files, but they still show some promise. Maybe if Blender had the same approach, in terms of not giving the software away, it might be in a better state now. Yes giving it away is a fantastic idea, not so sure about the current reality.


(Pittuck) #12

DB is pretty good, but DBPro will be even better…

(kos) #13

ok…you may see some of my works here: (not finished yet!) or texturing of the t-rex is 95% it took very long i was tired of doing the texturs and thought of doing something different for a i am making a ferrari right is way beyond finishing.the inside of the car is yet to be may see it here: i think you can have a rough idea of my modelling skills from these pictures. finished pics will follow soon. -kos :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pooba) #14

Where can i get darkbasic?