Modelers, Texture Artists, Matte Painters & Animators Needed

Hi Guys!

I have some current and upcoming projects I need some assistance with.

Here is what I need:


Hard Surface Subdivision Surface
Characters - retopo for subdivision surface from sculpts
Hard Surface - low to medium poly modeling for game engines
Environment Modeling - low to medium poly
Props Modeling


UV unwrap and baking
Quixel Suite
Substance Designer/Painter
(Pretty much any software in this category is fine even latest version of 3D Coat etc.)
3D Painting (Blender, Mudbox, Zbrush etc.)
Photoshop/Gimp painting


Scifi Environments, space, skies etc.
Various outdoor scenes etc.


Unfortunately I really can not use Blender on the animation side. However I am willing to look at reels of any software including Blender for talent.

I am currently running a MotionBuilder/Maya set up right now for my animation pipeline. So if anyone has experience there, I’d like to hear from you.

If you only use Blender for animation and would like to also learn other apps, I’d like to hear from you as well.

These projects range from start dates immediately to some future work that will take us into next year and beyond.

So drop me a line and keep me on your list as you improve you reels.

I’ll need to see samples of work of course and in the case of modeling and uvs I would like to see some actual sample blend files perhaps. But we can discuss screen grabs if that is not possible.

Please do not send PMs or load this thread with questions or post links to work or images.

I am only interested in serious, professional inquiries. Please send along work samples/links to portfolios etc. Whatever you have.

I can be reached at:

cineartist (at) live (dot) com

And my website is:

Some work of mine:

Obviously these are paid. So send me your daily/hourly rates.


Richard Culver

I am interested and I can do the work
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