Modelin a female face

Guys, I know I’m kinda new here, but I’m preparing to model Jessica Alba. Wish me luck. and BTW these are resources I use: this one for texuring, if the project is any good

OK, good luck! :slight_smile:

Nice reference photos, Odiee. That’s half the battle, decent front views are hard to find. Good luck with your project. [If you haven’t already, check out the TorQ better face tutorial and BgDM’s Adrianna tutorial.]

Whoa I’d forgotten how damn hot that woman is… sheeeeeeet

OK after modeling until 4AM last night, (and after hearing some strange music, and the sound was off!!!???) I decided to go to sleep :smiley:
I finished some basic contures, and deleting most of them after. This is progress so far, any suggestions?

Your side view referance picture needs rotating slightly as although at first glance they look like they line up ok, the ear is lower then the frontal face features.

You’ll have an easier time manipulating the shape with fewer edges. Get the eyes, nose and mouth in first. Edge loops around the eye and the mouth. Its usually simpler to work out from good eyes, nose and mouth than to work in from good cheeks and forehead.

few more hours and the basic mesh is done. Upper left screen displays mesh in perspective mode.
And now for the hard part :slight_smile:
Dig out a lot of side photos of Jessica and put the mesh exactly how is on them and enable light source from the same direction to figure out the side mesh counteres, and correct the basic mesh, and a few bugs around the lips.

thanks, but didn’t noticed that from the start. I’ll try to fix the mesh according to this.

OK. but I don’t ussually use this technique to model faces. but work from cube and than model it like clay as described by tutorial made by (jeez can’t find it any more) but anyway it was from elysium back in the days. But I thought to try this one for a change.

OK, this is corrected mesh, moderatly fixed mesh. The eyes are fixed to match ones of Jessica, and the nose is modeled to acctually look like nose. (not those of Jessica I’m afraid)
bottom right is perspective view of the mesh and as you can see there is a lot of work to be done here. witch BTW reminds me to ask how to fix perspective correction on the mesh?.
Mesh has mirror (witch is why it looks so crappy) modifier and one subsurf added.
I think that I matched pretty much resemblens in front and side views but it has a lot of work though.
Any suggestions?

You can actually merge vertices with the mirror modifier. When you said ‘the eyes are fixed to match ones of Jessica’ you did realise that the edges do not line up to the inside edges of her eyelids at all, right? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s kind of integral, there. That and eyelids. Her eyes are kind of flat right now.

Also, re: the nose. It matches in outline from the front and side view, just not from an angle. I think it’s a rounding issue, you’re going to neet to pull back and smooth her nostrils.

uh, Finaly finished whole face mesh, And As BlackBoe suggested, I fixed the eyes. (and yes they were flat :slight_smile: )
This is almost complete face mesh.
All face contures are done, and in position waiting for modeling resemblence.
The eyes are completly done, including the eyelids and eye pupils.
Nose is finished,including the nostrils. Also the basic shape of head is placed.
After finishing the head. There are 2 more phases to complete,
Achiving Jessica Alba resemblence, and of course, texturing. :eek: (I never texured before :smiley: ).
There are subsurfs modifiers applied to the mesh so don’t be afraid of details :slight_smile:
please dont tell me nothing 'bout the ears, couse i never in my life modeled ears. So for the first time, I think they look pretty good.
The mesh still need few hours od realigning vertices.

OK, O think I’m done, It took me just 4 days :frowning:
But consider that I don’t use any of blender’s hi-end tools. Used for modeling complex surfaces. (don’t know how), but that will change though :).
This model is modeled using the tools introdused way before in blender 1.5, when I first saw Blender. (And fell in love of it :D) But considering my full-time job I simply never had so much time to work in Blender like I wanted to. (|'m programmer)
Like I sead this model is modeled using only 3 tools. Extrude, Knife… wait, only 2 tools, Extrude and knife… :D. And I’m pretty pleased with it.
And now comes texturing. Witch BTW reminds me to ask what should I do for texturing.
Should I use Blender’s materials&textures or UV texture mapping. I thought at first of using UV mapping, but there are waaaay to much poligons to use that in this, and I don’t think that result would be too realistic. (Kill me, I’m perfectionist :)). But I don’t know how to use blender tools to renderm… like hair and strands, and eyebrows. I know how to use blender’s materials&textures tools to make just any kind of friking surface you can imagen. But What about the lips? As I know, I can’t mix 2 materials on different possition of the model. Or am I mistaken? Do I have to separete lips from mesh?? I really don’t know.
BTW, I know that forhead and chin and lips has more work to do.