modeling 90 degree bend??

i can’t seem to find a way to make a nice smooth 90 degree bend??

thanks for your time :-?

You didn’t give me much information to go on, but I’ll try and help you as much as I can.

When I want to make a beveled curve, I use a circle. Start out by adding a mesh circle- And give it a # of points that’s divisible by 4 (I use anywhere from 16-24). Delete all but 1/4th of the points. You now have a 90 degree bend that you can extrude.

If I knew what kind of shape you’d be making I could give you more advice (beveled cube, pipe, etc.).

thanks for your reply

it was just a pipe that i wanted to make, one with a smooth 90 degree bend


i gues i should learn to be more precise

a pipe as in a pipe in a factory, made of rusting metal, about 1 meter diameter

either bevel a curve circle with a 90 degree curve or spin a mesh circle 90 degrees with the cursor on the inside vertice.