Modeling a bedroom scene


I’m building a 3D model of a bedroom scene (image #1 below) using camera mapping. I’ve had good success with it - it’s not particularly complicated - but I’ve run into some trouble creating the duvet / comforter on the bed.

Specifically, I’ve tried using the cloth modifier and got good results (image #2 below), but I wasn’t pleased with the physics. In order to get the stiffness needed to make it drape like the photo, I had to reduce the bending substantially, which prevents a lot of the more interesting detail from appearing.

So, I tried using a softbody modifier instead (see image #3). The results were better in terms of it’s overall “drape” and thickness on the bed, but the detail issues got worse. I also played around with vertex weight painting which really helped improve the overall shape, IMO. But, it’s not a really great way to add detail unless my mesh is extremely dense. As it is, a 5,000-face volume takes about an hour to for the soft body physics to render on my machine.

I’m also having a bit of an issue rounding out the edges. I haven’t attempted it in the softbody version, but I did try in the cloth modifier version (image #2). There, you can see the discontinuities between the edge and the surface. Not really sure how to best approach that, either.

Anyway, I’m at a bit of an impasse. I didn’t really care for the solidified cloth modifier, but without resorting to sculpting, I don’t know how to add detail to the soft body modifier.

Any tips?

You could try taking the simulated cloth with the low bending value and “applying” the cloth modifier to lock in the mesh shape. Then add the cloth physics again this time with a high bending value and then just “drop” the cloth from a couple of inches above the bed surface and hope that it creates some wrinkles.

Alternatively, you could try manually painting the wrinkles in yourself using the sculpt mode. If your’e doing this I’d recommend using dynamic topology so you don’t over complicate the mesh.

Ok. The first idea is one I had in my head, too, but didn’t really know where to begin. I’ll definitely give it a try, though.

You’ll probably have to use the sculptin tools to get some nice wrinkles. This video is very instructive on this process: