Modeling a Boat Hull

How do you model a boat hull ?
Just the small boat hull.

Can someone explain step by step.
I did found one on youtube but i have slow internet and i didn’t understand all the step’s.
Since im new to Blender 2.5.


go here: a day doing the tutorials.

Go here: then spend a day doing the tutorials.

Hummm I don’t get what to look for the link place57 put up.

Anyway, This is the way we skinned shapes in Blender 2.49. It seems skinning was dropped for 2.5x.

Sorry, in your op you asked how to model a boat hull. I pointed you to a site that would teach you modeling. You post did not say you wanted to learn how to skin in 2.5

Why was skinning droped for 2.5?
Because im using it, Is it in Beta or something because all the tutorials i want to do is in 2.49.

@place57 No worry’s i was just looking for a begginer’s tutorial.
To tell the truth i didn’t even know what skinning until know.

just did a quick test in 2.5 with nurbs curves and you can skin as it was in 2.49 i think
seems to give the same results!

so waht do you eman by not in 2.5?

you cannot do skinning with nurb curbves anymore in 2.5
is this officfial ot will be added later on

because this should be added to be compatible with old 2.59 files?

happy 2.5

You can still skin curves in 2.5. You have to add a surface and select Nurbs Curve then it should be the same as 2.49.