Modeling a body (first time)

That’s my first attempt at modeling a body.

Here it is:

What do you think?
C&C plz

thanx! :smiley:

I forgot this

C&C plz

Hey looking pretty good. Especially for your first attempt at modeling the human form. It’s not an easy thing to master.
You might want to smooth it out just a little bit. But aside from that, just keep working on it. :slight_smile:

Thanx MR_Bomb for the reply!
Yes…I’m gonna smooth it.
I just don’t know about the head.I think that’s the most difficult part of a body modeling.

Ya, heads definitely have their challenges. But I have faith in you!

It’s looking good. Keep at it. Are you making a superhero, like the backimage, or just some random guy?


damn… wish i had that musculature!

Good job!

cant comment now though… but keep moving

Nice work indeed.

The abs need to be smoothed out a bit and some verts tweaked in that area to get rid of the boxy look. YOu can tell you just extruded the faces there.

The rest looks very good.


MR_Bomb : Thanx man!I like challenges!

Raseri : Thank ya!No…I’m making a random,just basing on that.

BlackMageHehehe,me too!Thanks for the reply!

BgDM : Yes I know that.But I want make the “details” after.
Thank you for the reply!