Modeling a Book Video Tutorial

Here are three video tutorials I have made about how to model, texture, and render an old fashion book. Hope it is helpful to someone somewhere.

Here is part II:

Here is Part III:

Also I have one quick question for the community. I uploaded the files on vimeo as HD, and only my first vd actually allows HD. Does anyone know what this is?

Non-vimeo plus users can only upload one HD vid per week

nice tut but its kind of long when u think a bout it

The best part is second part, with very useful tips for unwraping and texturing.


Thanks, I split it into three parts for that very reason. Users can find what specific topics they need help with and watch that one portion; or they can watch all three for a more comprehensive education. :slight_smile:

Two comments:

  • Very well done. I like how specific you are about keypresses, etc. I am a quite novice user and think I could follow this.
  • Just personal preference: I’d love to see this sort of detail applied to a written tutorial; I find written tutorials (with lots and lots of pictures, of course) a lot easier to follow.

@Tarrosion, if I get enough time I will convert it into a written tutorial as well.
But no promises, seeing as time is limited.

Also I just changed part II to HD, so I am slowly making sure all of the tutorials are of the same quality. :slight_smile:

Just got the third and final installment up in HD. If I had originally known Vimeo only lets you upload one HD video at a time; I wouldn’t have made a 3 part series :slight_smile:

Thanks for nice tutorial :slight_smile: .
I followed your series with this result:

Wow, that is quite realistic. I thought I was looking at a photo of a real book at first. It makes me happy when I can help be part of something great, and your book is indeed great. Good job.

Clean tutorial, I like it :).

Having problems unwraping the the seams around the pages I get wierd Triangles any ideas what could be wrong?